5th Floor Funkadelic

by Jospec Flowflex

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Welcome to the 5th Floor...


released 27 September 2014

Songs Written & Performed: Jospec Flowflex
Lemme See You - Prod: "Something That"
Mrs. Flowflex Pt. II - Prod: T. Washington
Sunlight&Starshine - Prod: Damieux
Production/Engineering: Miles Franco
Writing/Performance Credits: Reggie Paxton & Miles Franco
Album Art: Cedric Umoja
Album Graphics: Matt Baird




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Jospec Flowflex Columbia, South Carolina

Jospec has been an avid fan of hip-hop for several years and grew up listening to groups such as the Wu-Tang Clan, The Roots, and Hieroglyphics. His diverse style is a product of the music around him. His name was first noticed in Columbia, SC in the group Independent's Finest with Cardon and Miles Franco. Franco was the sole producer of Jospec's debut EP, "What is Black?". ... more

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Track Name: 5th Floor Funkadelic
Crimson Muzik:
I been on a roll since I met Jospec,
Man I'm cool in every crew except for yo set,
Tell me why,
It's gotta be a reason I mean it you can't deny,
If you came to a show then you know you got high,
You ain't gotta feel bad if it's outta my supply,
I'm limitless infinite with the rhythm I'm sendin ya
Keep it sinister villainous and the flow stay venomous,
Z-I-K and I'm gone

Miles Franco:
My momma and my daddy made me for a purpose,
So I can wreck the music scene and make em work it,
I got the gatoradealotta if your bitch is thirsty,
Put it on a silver platter everything is worthy,
But my ways and my rhymes are still dirty,
Why you think I make a lil dollar and 30 cents,
We build suspense,
And this is what you gon get out this track bitch

Carolina made my talent is God given
Hip-hop in my veins like my last name was Simmons
Life gave me lemons so I made lemonade
Could care less about making a billion like Dr.Dre
50K is all I need..prestige for my writtens
You can keep your accolades if you ain't talking bout lyrics
Too much materialistic lyricism
My linguistics could bring change throughout the system

Cypher T:
Fuck you pancakes
This that chicken n waffles
My rhymes come in bulk
Like you shoppin at Costco
When ya run up on a mothafucka better be hostile
And this flow rides with ease like I'm spittin the gospel, what up
Im the young revolutionist
Spittin out some stupid shit
If you scared grab a crucifix
The crew that you coolin wit
Couldn't stop me from doin this
My rhymes Dom Perry
It's the smoothest bitch

Rizzi Met:
The smooth criminal, I move precise at every interval
Moonwalk the walk and keep my talk to a minimum
Until I say keep the pace quick and fast like a synonym,
Cuz niggas tend to play to the sway of a pendulum
A thousand words in a portrait and heres my portrait,
So want more need a say in a day away
But I'm sure to make your head bounce like a mattress spring,
I'm mean, the microphone fiend from Tatooine

SuperH3RO better fucking watch
Xmen, with my rhymes
I'm the Juggernaut
Fry a nigga in a fucking pot
And kick a rapper in his bumbaclat
To turn it up a notch
Never do tracks that feel very poppy
but I eat rappers alive like Grilled Teriyaki
Graduated USC
Use to have your girl in my dorm room sloppy and I'm still very cocky

Reggie P:
I put it down the upper echelon sound in my city,
Y'all lower extremity booty ass style shitty,
These niggas be feelin some type of way tough titties,
Never my intention to make a rapper sound silly,
Then again maybe it is,
I get buck you wear blush for the kids,
And you suck but it is what it is
Get burned just to learn that you're fuckin wit hot shit

Jospec Flowflex:
Suckas get stuck in a single scale I operate all octaves,
A vers-atile style with rhyme options there so
Diverse I'm droppin em in all continents
My words, reign prominent-ly lyrics remain dominant
Diamonds hard to find, harder to break without a laser,
Shake them fake niggas up bubble into vapor,
I be the Carbonater, reaction, creator,
My fuckin faction is greater than yours that you just made up,
Love bein a hater but you really need to wake up
In a different state of mind when my thoughts are on the paper
Boundin over skyscrapers as a physics violator,
My ballistics, will surely annihilate ya,
Entire squadron, we already got em called in
Franco chopped em up and now they're cookin in the cauldron
That's what we callin ballin'...

Jospec Flowflex & Reggie P:
5th Floor Funkadelic [repeated]
(Random Funk Noises)